Christopher D Endrai  
(713) 703-1420
Other: 1991-2005

Huntsman Petrochemical                                                 April 2000 – July 2001


Senior Mechanical Engineer, Dayton, Texas


·         Responsible for support of maintenance, Back-up to Maintenance Manager

  • Responsible for small capital project management
  • Responsible for development and management of vibration monitoring programs
  • I expanded the vibration monitoring program by 300% and gained approval to obtain a dedicated hand held analyzer for the site.
  • I designed and installed a $200K hazardous powdered additive handling project.  This eliminated exposure of employees to hazardous phosphorous pentaoxide dust
  • Reduced spare parts inventory costs on reactor agitator seals by 90% and downtime to repair by 75% by standardizing components.

EVAL Company of America                                                          April 1994 – April 2000


Maintenance Engineer, Pasadena, Texas


  • Responsible for support of mechanical maintenance of 3 Barrier resins plants (food grade ethylene vinyl alcohol).  This was a sold-out specialty resin unit, of which we were 1 of 2 manufacturers in the world.  We nearly drove our competitor out of business due to our ability to keep the plant running at 99% reliability and deliver product when our competitor couldn't.
  • Responsible for turnaround planning and supervision.  I planned and directed 2 major turnarounds, injury free.  The largest turnaround, 1 month in duration, included tie-ins for a new production line that we were building.  By building contingencies into the plan, it was completed 6 days early despite a 25% change in scope due to discovery work. 
  • Developed grass roots vibration monitoring program and performed routine analysis.  My data driven recommendations on a 700 hp and 1000 hp motor avoided $2MM in lost production.
  • Supervised rotating equipment check-out/commission in new unit, established spare parts inventory for 300 pieces of equipment.
  • Developed grass roots maintenance & inspection policies & procedures for vessels, tanks, & piping
  • Responsible for small capital project management
  • Filled in for Maintenance Manager for 3 months while he was on an overseas assignment.  We remained within budget and equipment on-stream time remained at 99.7%.

Quantum Chemical                                                                May 1991 to April 1994


Project Engineer, Deer Park, Texas


  • Responsible for scope and estimate development, equipment specification, and supervision of construction of capital projects up to $5MM
  • I managed a $300K cyanide wastewater discharge reduction project.  We were under an enforcement deadline from the EPA and faced $6MM in fines.  I worked with a chemist to develop a unique process design, obtained expedited approval of funds from the divisional vice president, and worked 90 hrs/week to complete this project successfully.
  • I managed a $1MM air emissions reduction project in a slurry HDPE unit.  We were also under an enforcement design from the EPA.  A similar plant had installed a $7MM incinerator to destroy this waste.  I was able to come up with a successful alternative solution for $1MM.  The preliminary scope/estimate I inherited was off by over 100%.  My detailed scope documents and control estimate, which eventually became a department standard, resulted in a project that was completed within 0.5% of budget. 


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