Christopher D Endrai  
(713) 703-1420
Lyondell 2005-2009

Principal Machinery Engineer, Channelview, TX                                  October 2008 to August 2009



  • Responsible for performing root cause failure analysis, recommending improvements, and provide technical support for repairs of 700 pieces of machinery for an MTBE unit (32K barrels/day), Butanediol unit (134MM lbs/year), Polyols unit (565MM lb/yr) and Utilities unit (1.8 MM lbs/hr steam)
  • Lead Pump Improvement Team, identified $502K/yr in improvement opportunities
  • Eliminated $400K in seal failures on production critical pump by correcting mechanical run outs in the pump, modifying the seal face profiles, eliminating contaminants in the seal support system, and addressing quality control problems at the seal vendor’s repair facility. 
  • Led Utilities PM Optimization effort on rotating equipment and boiler instrumentation.  Consolidated 700 separate PM tasks into one event, improving manpower utilization by 50%.   This effort also ensured that all safety critical PM’s (turbine overspeed tests) on forced draft fans were completed without requiring additional boiler outages.


Senior Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, Channelview, TX                October 2005 – October 2008


  • Responsible for support of rotating/stationary equipment repairs, including 1,400 pieces of rotating equipment in two 600MM lb/yr propylene oxide/styrene monomer plants.
  • Performed root cause investigation of failure of 5,100 hp steam turbine.  This included overseeing a 3rd party fluid dynamics analysis and finite element analysis of the turbine nozzles and blades.  This failure cost the company $4MM.  I presented the findings to the Senior Vice President of Lyondell.   
  • Reduced out-of-service pumps by 60%, rework by 80%, and increased MTBF 20% by leading spare parts reviews, conducting root cause analyses, and enforcing pump repair procedures.
  • Implemented steam trap maintenance program, saving $1MM/yr in steam losses and turbine damage.
  • Eliminated repeat seal failures of 600 hp pump in 430 degree benzene service.  This had resulted in $300K in maintenance costs, 4 reportable environmental incidents, and 2 emergency responses.
  • Developed Maintenance Engineer Toolbox – this is a website developed for the LyondellBasell intranet to help maintenance engineers identify technical tools and resources to help them carry out their daily duties
  • Responsible for mentoring co-op and new graduate engineers


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