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Reliability Enginer role in the petrochemical industry recommending maintenance best practices, performing failure analysis, and identifying reliability improvement opportunities.  Opportunity to have regional or global impact and influence is desirable.


  • Maintenance Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Project Engineer
  • ANSI & API rotating equipment, pumps, compressors, turbines, extruders
  • Petrochemical, polymer and refinery-like services:  Propylene oxide, ethylbenzene, styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene,  surfactants, barrier resins.  
  • Developed grass roots vibration monitoring programs, managed turnarounds, improved pump MTBF 20%, experienced in root cause failure analysis and FMEA, supervisory experience includes filling in for managers and mentoring less experienced engineers. 

Selected Personal Achievements

  • Reduced out-of-service pumps by 60%, rework by 80%, increased Mean Time Between Failure 20%, reduced lost production opportunity (due to rotating equipment failures) by $1,800,000 per year.
  • Initiated and led Failure Modes & Effects Analysis on an entire production unit that was experiencing unusually low on-stream time of 55% for 2-3 months.  My team’s analysis was completed in 10 days; our 155 recommendations restored on-stream time to 94% within 2 mos.
  • Planned and directed a month long turnaround, completed 6 days early despite a 25% change in scope due to discovery work.  I also monitored daily progress of the critical path refurbishment of a copper distillation tower at a 3rd party shop and wrote a 30 page technical report on this.
  • Developed a grass roots vibration monitoring program, performed analysis.  Data driven recommendations on a 700 hp and a 1000 hp motor avoided $2,000,000 in lost production

Certifications and Training

  • Vibration Institute, Level 2 analyst, 2006
  • International Council for Machinery Lubrication, Level 1 analyst, 2006
  • Intl Gas Turbine Institute Workshop – Basic Gas Turbine Metallurgy & Repair Technology, Sept 2009
  • Education: B.S. Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN










Maintenance Engineer, Reliability Engineer, Project Engineer, ANSI API rotating equipment, petrochemical  refinery-like Propylene oxide ethyl benzene styrene polyethylene polypropylene surfactants barrier resins Pumps compressors steam turbines extruders developed grass roots vibration monitoring program managed turnarounds  improved pump MTBF  root cause failure analysis FMEA supervisory experience filling in for managers mentoring less experienced engineers project scoping management LYONDELLBASELL  Principal Machinery Engineer recommending improvements technical support repairs machinery MTBE Butanediol Polyols Utilities Pump Improvement Team, identified improvement opportunities eliminated seal failures production critical pump correcting mechanical run outs modifying seal face profiles seal support system addressing quality control problems seal vendor repair facility PM Optimization effort consolidated separate PM tasks improving manpower utilization safety critical PM’s turbine overspeed tests developed overhaul procedure diaphragm metering pump solved reliability problem environmentally critical pump senior Mechanical Maintenance Engineer, support rotating stationary equipment repairs propylene oxide styrene monomer responsible for mentoring co-op and new graduate engineers root cause investigation failure 5,100 hp steam turbine fluid dynamics analysis finite element analysis turbine nozzles and blades presented findings to Senior Vice President reduced out-of-service pumps rework increased MTBF lead spare parts review conducting root cause analyses promoting best maintenance practices pump repairs implemented steam trap maintenance program workflow procedures, saving steam losses and turbine damage eliminated repeat seal failures 430 degree benzene service maintenance costs reportable environmental incidents emergency responses developed Maintenance Engineer Toolbox train maintenance engineers identify technical tools  and resources polypropylene manufacturing facility Chaired Predictive Maintenance Committee, back-up to Maintenance Manager Led Failure Modes & Effects Analysis emergency analysis team 155 findings recommendations restored on-stream time Changes to piston seal design system flushing procedure increased MTBF Aerzen screw compressor pellet conveyor system several shutdowns extruder identifying malfunctioning control valves limit switches eliminated repair expense rental equipment costs analysis Sundyne Sunflo pump failures reduced maintenance costs downtime gearbox foaming seal leaks shaft failures chronic vibration trips Ingersoll Rand Centac instrument air compressors intercooler fouling condensate trap failures impeller damage, compressor surge high temperature support of maintenance back-up to Maintenance Manager small capital project management development management vibration monitoring programs expanded vibration monitoring program gained approval dedicated hand held analyzer designed installed hazardous powdered additive handling project  eliminated exposure of employees to hazardous phosphorous pentaoxide dust reduced spare parts inventory costs reactor agitator seals standardizing components food grade ethylene vinyl alcohol sold-out specialty resin unit running at 99% reliability deliver product turnaround planning, scheduling, execution planned directed turnarounds, injury free tie-ins new production line scope discovery work monitored daily progress at third party shop refurbishment copper distillation tower wrote summary report  implementation in-line optical pellet sorter guarantee defect-free product critical customers researched available technologies conducted controlled tests pilot unit prove technology specifications for equipment scope estimated obtained funding supervised installation  commission guarantee quality developed grass roots vibration monitoring program performed analysis  data driven recommendations 700 hp 1000 hp motor avoided $2,000,000 lost production supervised rotating equipment check-out commission established spare parts inventory developed inspection policies procedures vessels tanks piping filled in for Maintenance Manager budget responsibility within budget on-stream time remained at 99.7% hands on support assisting craftsmen with tools emergency overhauls diaphragm metering pumps gear pumps fluid bed dryer fans scope estimate development equipment specification supervision of construction of capital projects managed cyanide wastewater discharge reduction project enforcement deadline EPA fines develop unique process design expedited approval divisional vice president air emissions reduction project incinerator to destroy this waste detailed scope documents control estimate department standard B.S. Mechanical Engineering Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN certifications Vibration Institute Level 2 analyst International Council for Machinery Lubrication Level 1 analystIntl Gas Turbine Institute Workshop – Basic Gas Turbine Metallurgy & Repair Technology

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